About Us

lnvestment – Commerse Enterprise “lnvest_Comers” Co.Ltd. Enamelling Plant in Wałcz has the pleasure to present an offer for manufacturing boards, signs, emblems and enamelled signboards.

Our firm has been manufacturing enamelled boards for communal services, housing, energy sector, water supply systems and other customers since 1991.

The characteristic feature of the technology we apply (and thus of our products) is durability, lasting even tens of years, colour and gloss unaffected by years and high esthetic value. Such marvellous results are obtained due to the combination of an old enamelling method (ceramic enamels baked in very high temperature) with a modern poligraphic technology – and should need occur – hand made finish.

Our products enjoy special esteem in situations where they are exposed to changing temperatures and precipitation (power lies and stations), much pollution (in cities) and aggressive environment (sewage treatment plants).

They do not require any maintenance besides periodical washing with water and the double sided coating of the tin with the ceramic glaze protects the paint of the buildings against unsightly rust weepings.

Our firm is PN EN ISO 9001:20000 certified and guarantees the highest quality of the delivered products for the period of 10 years (the guarantee is not valid in case of mechanical damage).

In spite of considerable interest in our products and the limited manufacturing capacity we guarantee a 14-day period of order realisation. In relation to the quality offered the prices are low, only slightly differing from the prices applied by firms manufacturing plastic or foil boards.

Our products can be seen in many cities in Europe and all over Poland: from Szczecin to Przemyśl, Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź, Warsaw, Toruń and dozens of smaller towns and hundreds of industrial plants.

At the customers’ wish we also perform prints on foil, plastics and coloured metals. If you are interested in our produce we will immediately e-mail or fax our price list and a detailed commercial offer to you.